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SIR COA (born Stephano Alejandro Cervantes; April 27, 2002), is a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter, music producer, and rapper. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Coa caught the attention of Miami based producers AyoJuan and Adotmusic in 2019 who also produce for artists such as DJ Khaled, Rhianna, Tay Keith, and $NOT. In the following year he released his debut EP, SEVEN (2020) as a way to show the music industry a preview of what he had been working on. Simultaneously he founded the record label GraffitiMob Records (2021). SIR COA’s debut album Young Daredevil is currently in the works and is projected to have its release 2022-2023. Coa explored diverse musical elements such as orchestral arrangements, SFX, synthesizers, and autotune on the singles Way Out (2020), Fuck Shit Up (2021), and Big Cities (2021). Coa further pushed the creative barriers even further on the single Finish Him (2021) creating the video game rap genre.

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