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Way Out is a motivational track that traces a story that starts in struggle and lack of capital but ends on enjoyment of life and financial freedom.

Young is a track that covers the behavior and mind-set of todays youth while also unveiling our potential and draw-backs.


"Seven" marks Coa's inaugural venture into this realm, commencing with an introductory skit titled "Flip Phone." This skit is meticulously crafted to immerse the listener within Coa's perspective as he answers a friend's call, gets awakened, and is enticed to embark on a skateboarding escapade. The EP's subsequent journey offers a day-in-the-life narrative of a skateboarder and musician, culminating in a poetic "Mind Dessert" outro. The five tracks at the core of this experience traverse a diverse soundscape, spanning from Melodic Rap to Rock Rap and everything in between.

The project's lead single, "VHS," stands as a vivid portrayal of Coa's dual existence as a skateboarder and musician, exploring the intricate equilibrium required to nurture both passions. Following suit is "Appetite for Destruction," a composition that sees Coa tap into his darker alter ego, weaving a tapestry of gritty and aggressive vibes. "City Lights," the third single, exudes a groovy and laid-back aura, drawing inspiration from Coa's affection for Anime. It creatively samples elements from his beloved Anime series, "Naruto."

The fourth track, "1:44," personally resonates with Coa as it merges Rock and Rap influences, coupled with vocals reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. This piece also boasts an electrifying guitar solo toward its climax. Concluding the EP is "Give Back," a Lo-Fi gem that embodies Coa's aspiration to inspire others to contribute to their communities.

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