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Way Out is a motivational track that traces a story that starts in struggle and lack of capital but ends on enjoyment of life and financial freedom.

Young is a track that covers the behavior and mind-set of todays youth while also unveiling our potential and draw-backs.


“Seven” is Coa’s first foray into that endeavor. The project opens with an intro skit called “Flip Phone” that is intended to put the listener in Coa’s shoes. A friend calls and wakes him up and invites him to go skateboarding. The rest of the EP should take listeners through the day in the life of a skateboarder and musician, capped with some ear candy via a poem at the end with the outro “Mind Dessert.” The five tracks in the middle take listeners on a ride from Melodic Rap to Rock Rap and everything in between.


The first is “VHS,” the debut single from the project and the one that is getting the most attention to date. It literally describes Coa’s life as a skateboarder and musician, and explores what it takes to keep that balance between his two loves. That’s followed by “Appetite for Destruction,” a song in which Coa takes on an evil alter ego and reaches into a darker part of his mind in ways that bring some grungy, aggressive vibes to the track. The third single is “City Lights,” a groovy, more laid-back track inspired by Coa’s love of Anime. The song samples Coa’s favorite Anime show, “Naruto.” Fourth on the EP is the song “1:44,” which Coa said is his personal favorite. It’s more of a Rock/Rap vibe with vocals that are reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. The song also features an electric guitar solo toward the end. And finally there’s “Give Back,” a Lo-Fi which Coa said is important in that it highlights his desire to inspire others to give back to their communities.

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